Terms and Conditions

What is Zetu?

1.1 www.zetu.co.ke (Zetu), advertises and pre-sells vouchers for services and/or products on behalf of our partners (Partner).

1.2 The Zetu service is limited to the sale of vouchers for our partner's offerings. Our partners perform their services under their respective General Terms and Conditions.

1.3 Zetu is not liable for the performance of services or delivery of goods specified in the vouchers, the voucher only grants you the right to make the provision with our Partner. By using this service you agree to the following terms of use.

1.4 Either through confirmation during the ordering process, or if you make effective use of the service, you will be accepting the Zetu terms of use. You acknowledge that we - Zetu - consider the use of our service in accordance of these conditions of use

2. Buying a www.zetu.co.ke voucher

2.1. Pressing the "buy" button on the home page.

2.2. Choose the desired number of coupons.

2.3. Enter your name, email and mode of payment

2.4. The statement of intent to purchase is issued by confirming the conditions of use and by pressing the "buy" button. Acceptance of the contract of sale by Zetu takes place in the form of sending a voucher code via email and/or mobile phone

2.5. When the required minimum number of participants has been met and we have established successful registration of your payment, we will send the link to the voucher in PDF format or a mobile coupon

2.6 Present the voucher and use it at the participating vendor.

3. Zetu services

3.1 Zetu offers vouchers on behalf of our Partners that provide the product or service.

3.2 If the voucher is only valid for a set period, the voucher may only be used during the period stated in the conditions of the offer. If the customer chooses not to use the voucher during this period, the voucher expires.

3.3 The value of the voucher can only be redeemed after closing of the offer and only if the minimum number of participants needed to activate the deal has been reached. If the required number of participants is not met, the offer is inactive and no payments to Zetu or its Partners will be made. Also refunds will be triggered to subscribers who will have paid for the service or product.

3.4 The sale of the coupon shall be effected only deal has reached then minimum required and when the payment has been processed fully and Zetu has received the money. If payment fails for the following reasons (the account does not exist, insufficient funds, the credit card number, mobile money voucher or other information is not correct etc.) the sale is not effected.

3.5 The Coupon link will be sent by email address or to the mobile number that you entered at the registration process, when the sale has been processed successfully. The voucher will only be sent when the money has cleared in our account or the mobile money transaction code confirmed

3.6 All coupons have a unique code that will be confirmed with the participating partner. The voucher is not transferable unless purchased as a gift voucher.  Zetu reserves the right to take legal action if there is any reproduction, editing or manipulation of the vouchers.

3.7 If there are no indications to the contrary in the conditions of the offer a voucher may only be redeemed once. No refunds will be made if the voucher is not used before the expiration date.

3.8 The duration of the sale of a voucher is limited and is determined individually for each offer. No more vouchers can be bought after expiration of this period.

4. Service disruption

Zetu reserves the right to limit or discontinue the functionality of the site. While we strive to continuously be online, we cannot exclude cases in which the page may be unavailable for a few moments. In rare cases this may cause data loss.

5. Right of revocation

5.1 A consumer may revoke the contractual statement of the voucher within two weeks without stating the reasons, by writing (e.g. letter or email). The time limit begins after receipt of this information in the form of written text, but not before receiving the voucher or even before completion of the reporting requirements. To be considered compliant with the deadline it is sufficient to send the revocation within that time period.

5.2 Once the voucher has been redeemed, revocation is not possible.

5.3 The revocation must be directed to:

Apartment 6,Wood Avenue Court,Wood Avenue Opposite KREP Center, Kilimani,Nairobi, Kenya.

5.4 Consequences of revocation:

In the case of an effective revocation, the benefits received by both parties will have to be repaid and, where appropriate, to deliver any profits earned (e.g. benefits of use). The repayment obligation must be fulfilled within 30 days.


6. Intellectual property

Zetu and partners retain all copyright and other rights to services, as well as listings, information, images, videos, and databases (the "Property Protection"). A modification, reproduction, publication, disclosure to third parties and / or exploitation of the protected property without the prior written consent is expressly prohibited by Zetu

7. The protection of data

Please see our privacy policy for more information on the policy of protecting user data and privacy.

8. Changes in general conditions of hire

Zetu reserves the right to revise these terms from time to time, for example, to apply legal requirements to reflect functional changes. If you disagree with the general terms you cannot use our service.