How to get my coupon?

1. If the deal has not tipped, that is, if the deal did not get the minimum number of people required for it to be activated, Zetu can either:

a.    Refund you the money.

b.    Credit the money into your Zetu account so that you can use the money on another deal

2.  If the deal has tipped, you will receive an email telling you that your order has gone through with your coupon attached. The coupon will look like this:

zetu secure coupon

3. Print your coupon or get your coupon via sms(See Details below), present at the business premises and  ENJOY THE DEAL!


How to get coupon via SMS

1. Activate your Zetu SMS Account by validating your number.  Follow the steps below to  activate your Zetu SMS account

     a. Login into your zetu account and click on "My Account" (link shown below)

     b. Click on "My Information".(As shown below)

     c. If your number is not in the "Mobile Phone" text box, type it in and Click "Submit My Changes" in order to  save the changes

     d. Click on the "Validate" button next to the "Mobile Phone" text box (As shown below)

     e. Click on the "SEND SMS" button to receive your validation code via sms. Enter the code on the text box on the right, then click on "Enter Code" button.

     f.  You will see a green "tick" next to the "Mobile phone" text box(As shown below).


     You can now get coupons via SMS(See step 2 below). in case of any issues, please contact us


2. To get your coupon,  Login into your Zetu account, Click on My Account, then  Under "My Orders"Click on "Send Coupon by SMS"(link highlighted in green in the image below) on the deal for which you would like to receive the coupon via SMS