1.    What is Zetu?

Zetu is an online platform that features an exclusive deal daily on a service or product being provided at a greatly reduced price. These deals are offered by businesses on the condition that a minimum number of people must sign up for these deals to go through. It offers a unique win-win situation for both the business and the consumer. The businesses get no-cost, risk-free sales and promotional tool that guarantees a minimum sales volume for the featured product or service.  On the other hand the deal is offered at incredible discounts that consumers cannot get anywhere or at any other time.

2.    If the offer is of interest how do I subscribe?

Simple; just click the BUY button before the offer expires. You will be taken to the payments page where you will receive instructions on payment. When the payment has been received, a confirmation email will be sent to you.  If the deal achieves the required number of people a voucher will be sent to you through email and your phone as well.


3.    What happens when the deal does not reach the required minimum persons?

If not enough people sign up for the deal before its expiration, the deal collapses and no one gets it, you payments will be refunded via your mode of payment.  If you are interested in a certain deal you must ensure as many people sign up so that it can be activated for you to enjoy it.

4.    Can I be allowed to sign up for several other people or sign up for my self several times?

That unfortunately is not allowed because the power in this method of buying is the large number of Zetu members signing up. The business partners and vendors gain from more new customers while you gain the great discount. You can however invite your friends or family to buy vouchers so that you can enjoy these great offers together.

5.    Do I have to use my Zetu voucher the same day I buy it?

No, the voucher does not need to be used on the same day. The vouchers will have a clear expiration date. This will give you the freedom to use it whenever you please within the given timeframe.  It is nevertheless advisable to make sure that you read the terms for each offer, as these may vary according to the vendor

6.    Am I billed as soon as I join a deal?

Yes. You have to make the necessary payments to reserve the deal.  If the deal does not reach the required minimum number of buyers, then all your money is refunded back to you.

7.    Can I return a Zetu Coupon?

No. Once you have confirmed your purchase and the minimum number of buyers is reached, your order will be deemed final.

8.    What happens if my Zetu deal expires?

Unfortunately the discount loses its value and you missed a great opportunity to enjoy a memorable experience.  Since you will sign up for deals you are interested in, make sure you read when the expiration date for the deal is and enjoy it before the time is up.

9.    If I don't use the full value of the Zetu in one visit, can I use the remainder later?

No. Unless otherwise stated you do not receive store credit or cash back for whatever you don't use. The best option is to come with someone to share it with so that you can also convince them to sign up on Zetu deals.

10.  Can I combine my Zetu with other offers or specials?

No. Most offers will come with the express instructions that the deal cannot be combined with other offers or specials.  Be sure to read the terms and conditions on any deal you are interested in.

11.  What if the business for my Zetu deal closes down before I use it?

If anything happens that makes it impossible for you to redeem your deal, we'll make sure you get your money back.

12. As a business how do I get in contact with Zetu?

It is quite simple, you just send us an email at info@Zetu.co.ke and we will be sure to get in touch with you to further discuss the possibility of doing business together.

You can also visit us in Nairobi at Apartment 6,Wood Avenue Court,Wood Avenue Opposite KREP Center, Kilimani,Nairobi, Kenya.

13. How do I recommend an offer to a friend?

There are several ways you can recommend an offer to a friend. On our site you will find three buttons on each page, which will allow you to send the offer via twitter, Facebook or by email to whomever you please.  The deals work when many people subscribe to them so remember to promote an offer for you to enjoy it!

14. Who do I recommend the offer to?

Anyone! You can recommend this deal to anyone who likes good deals including your friends, parents, siblings, work mates and so on to help them enjoy exclusive deals in their towns or cities.

15. Why do you only feature one deal a day?

When you're looking for stuff to do, choice can be overwhelming. We focus on one great thing each day and offer it at an unbeatable price to make things simple for you.

16.  Where did you get the name "Zetu”?

Zetu is Kiswahili for ‘Ours’ which in our case represents our strategy of capitalizing on great deals collectively in a group. Put better it stands for ‘buying our deals’!

17.  When will Zetu be in my city or town?

Real soon!  The Zetu team has a roll out plan set out for the whole country and we should have a solid presence in your town or city very soon.  Keep watching this space!