Sales Executive

Purpose of the role:

Support all aspects of the sales process by providing the sales marketing strategy, expertise, social marketing knowledge, and detailed understanding necessary to support the prospective clients' understanding of Zetu’s unique value. 

Key responsibility - Sales & Marketing

  •   To work closely with the Marketing Director on all aspects of the Sales and marketing plan.
  • Agree with the marketing Director on the sales deliverables in line with the Zetu’s forecast data.
  • Prepare and deliver sales presentations to new and existing customers in order to promote the Zetu group buying platform along with their existing advertising programs.
  • Explain to customers how the Zetu group buying platform will help promote their products or services in the most effective way possible.
  • Process all correspondence and paperwork related to merchants signed up.
  • Develop quality deal content details to aid Editorial Manager produce effective web content.
  • Agree deal terms with clients within the set guidelines given by the Marketing Director
  • Draw up contracts for merchants signed up according to deal terms.
  • Obtain and study information about clients' products, needs, problems, advertising history, and business practices in order to offer effective sales presentations and appropriate product assistance.
  • Develop tactics to be used to promote the deal.

Personal Attributes:

  • Meeting Customer Needs
  • Managing Relationships
  • Communication – both oral and written
  • Networking skills
  • Personal Organisation
  • Thoroughness
  • Quality Conscious
  • Initiative.
  • Integrity

Skills required to undertake the role:

  • Significant social skills and initiative to deal with the variety of people and situations
  • Previous sales and marketing experience
  • Good Organization and Co-ordination skills
  • Good understanding of ICT
  • Excellent planning skills.

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Job description

  • Search engine optimization
  • Online direct sales
  • Identify key target groups and create interest for zetu deals
  • Upload and manage deals online
  • Update facebook fan page and twitter and engage online clients
  • Database management
  • Identify good blogs and blogger that can be affiliated with Zetu platform
  • Work with Zetu team and international partners
  • Any other responsibilities that may be assigned from time to time


  • Excellent writing skills and a willingness to use them
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Willingness to experiment
  • Ability to deal with uncertainty
  • Ability to synthesize large amounts of data into actionable information
  • Persuasiveness
  • Ability to create great working relationships with all levels within the company and across multiple disciplines
  • Sense of humor

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