Marsona TSCI-330 Review

More people than you may think require the soothing and steady sound of white noise as they sleep, and this Marsona Travel Sound Conditioner is intended to provide that. Many light sleepers are easily awoken by isolated noises which rouse them out of their sleep, thus making for a tired and unproductive following day. Other people, who may need to travel a lot through their work, will find themselves unable to get to sleep, or stay asleep in unfamiliar places. Offering an answer to these problems is this travel sound conditioner, a small and portable sound conditioning unit, which masks peripheral unwanted noise as well as creating private acoustics for the user.


  • Promotes an enhanced night’s sleep
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Provides same level of white noise as bigger units
  • Steady sound or Ocean Waves sounds, with ability to ‘add’ in rain noise.

This unit comes with a mains adaptor, and easily fits into an overnight bag, ensuring wherever you are going, the sound conditioner can go with you to enable you to get a proper, undisturbed night’s rest. This product enjoys many five star reviews, and on the whole, I think they are justified


  • The pitch may not be deep enough for some, requiring them to increase volume
  • Sound levels could do with being louder
  • Requires an electric power point to use – not truly “travel” friendly.

Marsona do make battery operated sound machines, but these are larger and not marketed by the company as ‘travel’ devices. If you are looking for a sound machine to travel with on holiday, or as part of your work duties, then this machine will do the job handsomely, and will keep making the noise until you turn it off, unlike other machines that click off after playing their piece.

Is The Marsona TSCI-330 Travel Sound Conditioner Really Portable And Travel Friendly?

To be frank, it really should come with an option to use without having to plug it in. To be truly portable and traveller friendly, as it claims, it should be able to work from a portable power source, i.e. batteries. The other issue is the level of sound, which should be made so it is slightly louder. But, to be honest, when you have it on and are trying to relax/sleep, it does mask out most of the noises from outside the room effectively, but the option to increase the level should be there. If you are travelling to places like Hong Kong and take this machine, you would want it to mask out 100% of the outside noise, and have the feeling that this device would need a higher volume level than it has to do that.


Overall, this sound device is good, and the steady noise and ocean wave noises are great to relax and fall asleep to. The option to add in the rain on the ocean is lovely. It comes in a nice nylon pouch you can pack into a suitcase or overnight bag, but make sure where you are staying has a power point or you will not be able to use it. You are definite to feel like you had slept well, and will be happy to put that down to the Marsona’s Travel Sound Conditioner’s contribution. People who have chosen the ocean waves noise are happy to be able to add in the noise of the rain over the top of that. I just felt that as I was lying relaxing, I could have benefitted more from increasing the volume.



The Marsona Travel Sound Conditioner is ideal for people on the move, producing a familiar sound environment away from home